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dc.contributor.authorAragón Torre, Guillermo
dc.contributor.authorAragón Torre, Ángel
dc.contributor.authorSantamaría Leon, Amaia
dc.contributor.authorEsteban González, Alberto
dc.contributor.authorFiol Oliván, Francisco
dc.identifier.citationAragón Torre, G., Aragón Torre, Á., Santamaría Leon, A., Esteban González, A., y Fiol Oliván, F. (2019). Physical and mechanical characterization of a commercial rendering mortar using destructive and non-destructive techniques. Construction and Building Materials, 224,
dc.description.abstractA commercial masonry rendering mortar is tested in this study of the classical correlation between structure and mechanical properties. Porosity, capillary absorption of water and mortar shrinkage are all analyzed. Special emphasis is placed on the development of mortar strength, stiffness, and damping characteristics including sound muffling. All these properties are related to the microstructure of the mortar in the hardened state and to its moisture content. The numerical results showed different values for the Young's moduli of the rendering mortar under both tension and compression, and an outstanding capacity to dissipate vibrational energy. Freeze-thaw and wetting-drying durability tests were also performed on the mortar with good results. © 2019 Elsevier Ltden
dc.publisherElsevier Ltdes
dc.titlePhysical and mechanical characterization of a commercial rendering mortar using destructive and non-destructive techniquesen
dc.journal.titleConstruction and Building Materialses
dc.subject.keywordEstructuras - Construcciónes
dc.subject.keywordPropiedades mecánicases
dc.subject.keywordMorteros - Construcción|Ensayo de medición de vibracioneses
dc.subject.keywordEnsayos (propiedades o materiales)es
dc.subject.keywordAislamiento acústicoes
dc.subject.unesco3305.32 Ingeniería de Estructurases
dc.subject.unesco3305.33 Resistencia de Estructurases
dc.subject.unesco3313.04 Material de Construcciónes
dc.subject.unesco3312.08 Propiedades de Los Materialeses
dc.subject.unesco3312.12 Ensayo de Materialeses
dc.subject.unesco3312.09 Resistencia de Materialeses

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