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dc.contributor.authorHoz Torres, María Luisa de la
dc.contributor.authorAguilar Aguilera, Antonio Jesús
dc.contributor.authorMartínez Aires, María Dolores
dc.contributor.authorRuiz Padillo, Diego Pablo
dc.identifier.citationDe la Hoz-Torres M.L., Aguilar-Aguilera A.J., Martínez-Aires M.D., Ruiz D.P. (2019) A Comparison of ISO 2631-5:2004 and ISO 2631-5:2018 Standards for Whole-Body Vibrations Exposure: A Case Study. In: Arezes P. et al. (eds) Occupational and Environmental Safety and Health. Studies in Systems, Decision and Control, vol 202. Springer, Cham.
dc.description.abstractAgricultural tractor drivers are exposed to high level of vibrations during different activities. Continued exposure to Whole Body Vibration (WBV) may cause musculoskeletal disorders and degenerative changes in lumbar spine. This study analyses the WBV transmitted to drivers associated to a typical operation with agricultural tractor. This measurement was based on the models defined in ISO 2631-5:2004 and ISO 2631-5:2018. The study had been carried out in order to make a comparison between the Standards. The R factor (defined in the ISO 2631-5:2004 to estimate the lumbar spine response acceleration), and Ra factor (defined in the ISO 2631-5:2018 to estimate internal spinal forces, ISO 2631-5:2018) were calculated to predict adverse effects in the lumbar spine. In this case study both standards provide similar assessment, low probability of an adverse health effect. © Springer Nature Switzerland AG 2019.en
dc.publisherSpringer International Publishinges
dc.titleA comparison of ISO 2631-5:2004 and ISO 2631-5:2018 standards for whole-body vibrations exposure: A case studyen
dc.subject.keywordConductor de tractor agrícolaes
dc.subject.keywordEnfermedades profesionaleses
dc.subject.keywordColumna vertebrales
dc.subject.keywordTrastornos musculoesqueléticoses
dc.subject.keywordPrevención de riesgos laboraleses
dc.subject.unesco6109.01 Prevención de Accidenteses
dc.subject.unesco6109.03 Planificación y Evaluación Puestos dees
dc.subject.unesco3102.01 Mecanización Agrícolaes
dc.subject.unesco3204.02 Enfermedades Profesionaleses
dc.subject.unesco3204.03 Salud Profesionales
dc.subject.unesco3210 Medicina Preventivaes
dc.subject.unesco2201.11 Vibracioneses

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