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dc.contributor.authorOrtega López, Vanesa
dc.contributor.authorRevilla Cuesta, Víctor
dc.contributor.authorSkaf Revenga, Marta
dc.contributor.authorFiol Oliván, Francisco
dc.contributor.authorSantamaría Leon, Amaia
dc.contributor.authorGarcía Llona, Aratz
dc.contributor.authorPiñero Santiago, Ignacio
dc.identifier.citationOrtega López, V., Revilla Cuesta, V., Skaf Revenga, M., Fiol Oliván, F., Santamaría Leon, A., García Llona, A., y Piñero Santiago, I.: Fracture toughness evaluation of fiber-reinforced concrete manufactured with siderurgic aggregates. 5th International Conference on Sustainable Construction Materials and Technologies,
dc.description.abstractSteel production in electric arc furnaces generates a principal waste stream in the form of Electric Arc Furnace Slag (EAFS), also known as “black slag”. The well-researched and advantageous properties of EAFS guarantee its successful use as aggregate in the manufacture of concrete (CEAFS). In contrast, fiber-reinforced concrete is widely employed, especially in concrete pavements and slabs, for improved cracking resistance and “ductile” post-cracking behavior. In this research, the toughness and ductile behavior of these fiber-reinforced CEAFS is tested with various methods, using different types of (metallic and synthetic) fibers in EAFS mixes. The metallic fiber concretes showed better results than the fiber concretes in terms of toughness, first-crack strength, limit of proportionality, and post-cracking behavior. The recycling process of EAFS makes a relevant contribution to the circular economy and therefore to global sustainability. © 2019 Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.. All rights reserved.en
dc.publisherInternational Committee of the SCMT conferenceses
dc.titleFracture toughness evaluation of fiber-reinforced concrete manufactured with siderurgic aggregatesen
dc.subject.keywordResistencia a compresiónes
dc.subject.keywordHormigón recicladoes
dc.subject.keywordFibra de refuerzoes
dc.subject.keywordEscoria siderúrgicaes
dc.subject.keywordEconomía circulares
dc.subject.keywordReciclaje - Construcciónes
dc.subject.keywordMaterial sosteniblees
dc.subject.keywordHornos de fundiciónes
dc.subject.unesco3305.05 Tecnología del Hormigónes
dc.subject.unesco3316.05 Hornos, Calderas y Estufases
dc.subject.unesco2211.02 Materiales Compuestoses
dc.subject.unesco3305.05 Tecnología del Hormigónes
dc.subject.unesco3308.02 Residuos Industrialeses
dc.subject.unesco3308.04 Ingeniería de la Contaminaciónes
dc.subject.unesco3312.08 Propiedades de Los Materialeses
dc.subject.unesco3312.12 Ensayo de Materialeses
dc.subject.unesco3312.09 Resistencia de Materialeses

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