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dc.contributor.authorAcosta Argüeta, Lesly María
dc.contributor.authorTorres, A.
dc.contributor.authorKrejza, Zdeněk
dc.contributor.authorGibert Armengol, Vicente
dc.contributor.authorSerrat Pie, Carles
dc.identifier.citationL M Acosta et al 2019 IOP Conf. Ser.: Earth Environ. Sci. 222 012027es
dc.description.abstractBuildings show symptoms and suffer injuries or failures that demand efficient approaches and sustainable solutions in order to maintain or improve their condition. In previous studies, the authors of this paper proposed a network methodology which stores and analyzes information on the degradation of the built environment in different cities, based on a visual inspection methodology for data collection. The demand for accurate information analysis of facades, along with the inspection time for each facade, creates a need for new information collecting techniques. Therefore, this article aims to evaluate technological equipment incorporated in the traditional inspection methods that can work as a complement to achieve better and more advanced results. For this, an experiment was carried out in the city of Brno, Czech Republic, where five building facades in the city center were analyzed in order to qualify and validate a mobile georeferenced scanner, static georeferenced scanner and thermographic camera equipment for potential incorporation into the current inspection method. Quantitative and qualitative analyses are included, together with some of the capabilities and potential uses of these technological resources for an improvement in the network methodology. © 2019 Published under licence by IOP Publishing Ltd.en
dc.publisherInstitute of Physics Publishinges
dc.rightsAttribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 Internacional
dc.titleExploring Technological Alternatives to the Visual Inspection Method in the Built Environmenten
dc.subject.keywordEdificación residenciales
dc.subject.keywordPatologías - Construcciónes
dc.subject.keywordInspección de edificioses
dc.subject.keywordBrno (República Checa)es
dc.subject.keywordEscáner Láser 3Des
dc.subject.keywordTermografía infrarrojaes
dc.subject.unesco3305.90 Transmisión de Calor en la Edificaciónes
dc.subject.unesco3305.14 Viviendases
dc.subject.unesco3305.34 Topografía de la Edificaciónes
dc.subject.unesco1203.09 Diseño Con Ayuda del Ordenadores

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