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dc.contributor.authorMonzón Chavarrías, Marta
dc.contributor.authorLópez Mesa, Belinda
dc.identifier.citationMarta, M., & Belinda, L. -. (2017). Simplified model to determine the energy demand of existing buildings. case study of social housing in zaragoza, spain. Energy and Buildings, 149, 483-493. doi:10.1016/j.enbuild.2017.04.039es
dc.description.abstractThe refurbishment of residential buildings is fundamental to fulfil the EU's CO2 emissions and energy savings objectives. Social housing estates built during the Spanish post-war period are vulnerable areas in Spanish cities that require public economic investment for their urban regeneration, and to refurbish their buildings. Public economic resources must center on the buildings that most require these actions, which are precisely those with a higher energy demand. This article proposes a simplified model to predict heating and cooling energy demands of buildings with no insulating material layer in their envelopes, which was conducted based on the case study of social housing buildings built in the Spanish city of Zaragoza between 1945 and 1975. The model obtained herein predicts the cooling and heating energy demands of buildings from only knowing a few inputs that are easily obtained, and is useful for the energy characterisation of large residential stocks without the need of dynamic simulation. © 2017 Elsevier
dc.publisherElsevier Ltdes
dc.titleSimplified model to determine the energy demand of existing buildings. Case study of social housing in Zaragoza, Spaines
dc.journal.titleEnergy and Buildingses
dc.subject.keywordEnvolvente de edificioes
dc.subject.keywordDemanda energéticaes
dc.subject.keywordRehabilitación de edificioses
dc.subject.keywordDióxido de carbonoes
dc.subject.keywordAhorro energéticoes
dc.subject.keywordVivienda sociales
dc.subject.keywordRegeneración urbanaes
dc.subject.keywordIndicadores ambientaleses
dc.subject.unesco3305.14 Viviendases
dc.subject.unesco3322.05 Fuentes no Convencionales de Energíaes
dc.subject.unesco3305.90 Transmisión de Calor en la Edificaciónes
dc.subject.unesco3308.04 Ingeniería de la Contaminaciónes

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