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dc.contributor.authorPiña Ramírez, Carolina
dc.contributor.authorVidales Barriguete, Alejandra
dc.contributor.authorSerrano Somolinos, Rubén
dc.contributor.authorRío Merino, Mercedes del
dc.contributor.authorAtanes Sánchez, Evangelina
dc.identifier.citationPiña Ramírez, C., Vidales Barriguete, A., Serrano Somolinos, R., Río Merino, M., y Atanes Sánchez, E. (2020). Analysis of fire resistance of cement mortars with mineral wool from recycling. Construction and Building Materials, 265. doi: 10.1016/j.conbuildmat.2020.120349es
dc.description.abstractThe objective of this research is to analyse the fire resistance of cement mortars with mineral wool from construction and demolition waste (CDW) recycling. The recycled mortars are therefore exposed to direct fire reaching a maximum temperature of 700 °C, and an experimental plan is designed to analyse thermo-mechanical behaviour before and after the testing of the mortars with different types of recycled fibres. The results show that the surface hardness of all mortars is practically unchanged after the fire, whereas the incorporation of fibre residues produce a significant improvement in the flexural strength after fire test compared with the reference mortar. The compressive strength values of all mortars decrease after the fire although they remain at optimum values for use according to regulatory requirements. The values of thermal conductivity are lower or remain unchanged after the fire test. Results show that the addition of these recycled fibres can be a sustainable alternative to the commercial ones currently being used, improving mechanical-thermal behaviour after the fire and preventing the explosive behaviour of the mortars. © 2020 Elsevier Ltdes
dc.publisherElsevier Ltdes
dc.titleAnalysis of fire resistance of cement mortars with mineral wool from recyclinges
dc.journal.titleConstruction and Building Materialses
dc.subject.keywordResistencia al fuegoes
dc.subject.keywordMorteros - Construcciónes
dc.subject.keywordLana minerales
dc.subject.keywordResiduos de Construcción Demolición (RCD)es
dc.subject.keywordEnsayos (propiedades o materiales)es
dc.subject.keywordComportamiento térmicoes
dc.subject.keywordPropiedades mecánicases
dc.subject.unesco2205.07 Medidas de Propiedades Mecánicases
dc.subject.unesco2211.02 Materiales Compuestoses
dc.subject.unesco3313.04 Material de Construcciónes
dc.subject.unesco3308.02 Residuos Industrialeses
dc.subject.unesco3308.07 Eliminación de Residuoses
dc.subject.unesco3312.02 Aglomeranteses
dc.subject.unesco3312.08 Propiedades de Los Materialeses
dc.subject.unesco3312.09 Resistencia de Materialeses
dc.subject.unesco3312.03 Materiales Cerámicoses

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