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dc.contributor.authorCarretero Ayuso, Manuel Jesús
dc.contributor.authorMoreno Cansado, Alberto
dc.contributor.authorGarcía Sanz-Calcedo, Justo
dc.identifier.citationCarretero Ayuso, M. J., Moreno Cansado, A., y García Sanz-Calcedo, J. (2019). Identification and Assessment of Failures in Indoor Elements of Buildings in Spain. Journal of Performance of Constructed Facilities, 33(6).es
dc.description.abstractThis research identifies the most common failures in the indoor elements of buildings (e.g., partition walls, flooring, tiling, renders). A total of 18 types of damage, 29 types of causes, and 88 types of pathological processes were identified as repeatedly occurring in construction in Spain and leading to user complaints. Four zones were differentiated by 593 incidents (cases): partition elements, acoustic insulation, indoor cladding, and flooring. The most frequent types of damage were bulging or tenting of floor tiles (111), fallen parts (80), lack of acoustic insulation (76), vertical cracks (65), cracks in finished elements (56), and humidity/runoffs in finished elements (50). The most frequent causes were lack of adherence (108), faulty acoustic insulation (72), deficient connection of brick wall with other elements (70), and inadequate characteristics of material or finishing. The results obtained will allow designers and developers to minimize failures. © 2019 American Society of Civil Engineers.en
dc.publisherAmerican Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)es
dc.titleIdentification and Assessment of Failures in Indoor Elements of Buildings in Spainen
dc.journal.titleJournal of Performance of Constructed Facilitieses
dc.subject.keywordPatologías - Construcciónes
dc.subject.keywordDaños - Edificioses
dc.subject.keywordAislamiento térmicoes
dc.subject.keywordAislamiento acústicoes
dc.subject.keywordFallos - Construcciónes
dc.subject.unesco3305.14 Viviendases
dc.subject.unesco3313.04 Material de Construcciónes
dc.subject.unesco6305.03 Análisis Estadísticoes
dc.subject.unesco6310.09 Calidad de Vidaes

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