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dc.contributor.authorHaurie Ibarra, Laia
dc.contributor.authorGiraldo Forero, María Pilar
dc.contributor.authorLacasta Palacio, Ana María
dc.contributor.authorSonnier, Rodolphe
dc.identifier.citationHaurie Ibarra, L., Giraldo Forero, M. P., Lacasta Palacio, A. M., y Sonnier, R. (2019). Influence of different parameters in the fire behaviour of seven hardwood species. Fire Safety Journal, 107,
dc.description.abstractWood is a widely used material in the construction sector, both in structural and non-structural applications. Tropical species are appreciated for their high quality and durability in furniture, outdoor and indoor claddings and floors. However, limited information exists about fire reaction of tropical wood. Density is one of the factors that influence the rate of pyrolysis reactions and consequently the charring rate. However, other wood characteristics such as the mineral content also exert an influence on the pyrolysis combustion of wood. Hardwoods present a complex morphological structure and a significant amount of minerals, extracts and exudates. In this work, we study the fire reaction of seven species of tropical hardwood using various fire tests. Results are compared from one test to other one and are discussed in relation with physicochemical properties of wood species. The results show that although there is some correlation between high density and ignition time, parameters such as morphology and mineral content are also relevant. © 2018 Elsevier Ltden
dc.description.sponsorshipMinisterio de Economía y Competitividad
dc.publisherElsevier Ltdes
dc.titleInfluence of different parameters in the fire behaviour of seven hardwood speciesen
dc.journal.titleFire Safety Journales
dc.subject.keywordComportamiento térmicoes
dc.subject.keywordEstabilidad térmicaes
dc.subject.keywordMaterial de construcciónes
dc.subject.keywordEnsayos (propiedades o materiales)es
dc.subject.unesco3305.39 Construcciones de Maderaes
dc.subject.unesco3312.12 Ensayo de Materialeses
dc.subject.unesco3312.08 Propiedades de Los Materialeses
dc.subject.unesco3312.09 Resistencia de Materialeses
dc.subject.unesco3313.04 Material de Construcciónes

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