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dc.contributor.authorBonnet de León, Alejandro
dc.contributor.authorSaorín Pérez, José Luis
dc.contributor.authorTorre Cantero, Jorge de la
dc.contributor.authorMeier, Cecile
dc.contributor.authorGarcía Marrero, Eliseo
dc.identifier.citationBonnet de León, Alejandro et al. The Classroom as a Makerspace: Use of Tablets and Cutting Plotter to Create Pop-Up Cards in Educational Environments. International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning (iJET), [S.l.], v. 14, n. 10, p. pp. 116-131, may. 2019. ISSN 1863-0383. Available at: <>. Date accessed: 13 Sep. 2020. doi:
dc.description.abstractIn some classrooms the use of digital tablets for students is already standardized and is integrated into the teaching-learning process of the school. On the other hand, the use of cutting plotters is not common, although they are low-cost, easy to use and transportable devices. These machines are usually found in digital fabrication spaces such as Makerspaces, Fab labs, etc. However, it is interesting to introduce these technologies in traditional classrooms. This article describes an experience carried out at Colegio San Isidro, Los Salesianos de la Orotava, Tenerife in the 3rd year of secondary school in the subject of plastic, visual and audiovisual expression, in which an activity of design and creation of pop-up cards has been carried out. This activity is made in many subjects in order to develop creativity or to understand threedimensional concepts (mathematics, plastic, etc.). This activity involves cutting and folding paper that is usually done with scissors or cutter. It is proposed to digitalize this activity by means of digital tablets and portable cutting plotters. At the end of the activity, all the students were able to make their pop-up card using the proposed technologies and felt able to carry out the work autonomously. © 2019, Kassel University Press GmbH.en
dc.publisherKassel University Press GmbHes
dc.titleThe classroom as a Makerspace: Use of tablets and cutting plotter to create pop-up cards in educational environmentsen
dc.journal.titleInternational Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learninges
dc.subject.keywordTabletas digitaleses
dc.subject.keywordFormación profesional superiores
dc.subject.unesco3313.24 Maquinaria de Impresión y Reproducciónes
dc.subject.unesco5801.08 Enseñanza Programadaes
dc.subject.unesco5802.03 Desarrollo de Asignaturases
dc.subject.unesco5802.07 Formación Profesionales

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