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dc.contributor.authorDíaz López, Carmen
dc.contributor.authorCarpio Martínez, Manuel
dc.contributor.authorMartín Morales, María
dc.contributor.authorZamorano Toro, Montserrat
dc.identifier.citationDíaz López, C., Carpio de los Pinos, A. J., Martín Morales, M., y Zamorano Toro, M. (2019). A comparative analysis of sustainable building assessment methods. Sustainable Cities and Society,
dc.description.abstractSince the advent of the first sustainability assessment method, TRYNNS, a large number of widely differing methods have been developed to assess, rate and certify the sustainability of different types of buildings. This study sets out to review, identify, classify and compare today's main assessment methods by analysing their characteristics, structure, scope of application and approach. As a result, 101 current methods have been identified and assigned to 3 groups: systems, standards and tools, plus a recently approved instrument called Level(s). The 36 most representative methods identified have been selected, and have been compared using 4 variables: phase of life cycle applied; sustainability aspects assessed; categories considered; and the type and status of the project assessed. The results have shown that each of the methods separately does not assess all aspects of a sustainable building. Many assess energy and the quality of the interior environment, while few assess more recent social and economic aspects. The considerable number of methods considered and the in-depth analysis performed in this study give extremely valuable insight into the existing evaluation framework, and allows agents to select the method that best responds to their needs. © 2019 Elsevier Ltden
dc.publisherElsevier Ltdes
dc.titleA comparative analysis of sustainable building assessment methodsen
dc.journal.titleSustainable Cities and Societyes
dc.subject.keywordEdificación residenciales
dc.subject.keywordNormativa construcciónes
dc.subject.keywordEdificios sostenibleses
dc.subject.keywordEdificio inteligentees
dc.subject.keywordCalidad del aire interiores
dc.subject.keywordConfort térmicoes
dc.subject.unesco3305.14 Viviendases
dc.subject.unesco3305.90 Transmisión de Calor en la Edificaciónes
dc.subject.unesco3322.05 Fuentes no Convencionales de Energíaes
dc.subject.unesco1203.26 Simulaciónes

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