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dc.contributor.authorSalguero Caparrós, Francisco
dc.contributor.authorMartínez Rojas, María
dc.contributor.authorPardo Ferreira, María del Carmen
dc.contributor.authorRubio Romero, Juan Carlos
dc.identifier.citationSalguero-Caparrós F., Martínez-Rojas M., del Carmen Pardo-Ferreira M., Rubio-Romero J.C. (2019) Integration of Ergonomics in the Study of Catenary Execution Projects. In: Arezes P. et al. (eds) Occupational and Environmental Safety and Health. Studies in Systems, Decision and Control, vol 202. Springer, Cham.
dc.description.abstractThe railway industry is exposed to high levels of risk, work under pressure and a large margin to the unpredictable when remodelling works are carried out. The aim of this study is to analyse and evaluate the railway activity, specifically those that uses catenary technology, from an ergonomic point of view during the excavation, concreting and pole raising phases. In order to do this, a workplace during the catenary assembly procedure was analysed using the OWAS method. The application of this method to the mentioned procedure showed that the most outstanding ergonomic risks are those related to load handling, repetitive movements, application of force. In addition, this procedure involves important forced and continuous posture of trunk flexion. These results indicated that with feasible ergonomic changes, the design of the equipment or the tasks and/or its planning, they could considerably improve the working conditions. Therefore, musculoskeletal disorders could reduce by implementing measures from the early engineering phase. © Springer Nature Switzerland AG 2019.en
dc.publisherSpringer International Publishinges
dc.titleIntegration of Ergonomics in the Study of Catenary Execution Projects: Personalentwicklung am Beispiel eines Tutorenprogrammsen
dc.subject.keywordIndustria ferroviariaes
dc.subject.keywordTrastornos musculoesqueléticoses
dc.subject.keywordPrevención de riesgos laboraleses
dc.subject.keywordEnfermedades profesionaleses
dc.subject.keywordRiesgos laboraleses
dc.subject.keywordMétodo OWASes
dc.subject.unesco3323.02 Equipo Ferroviarioes
dc.subject.unesco6109.01 Prevención de Accidenteses
dc.subject.unesco6109.03 Planificación y Evaluación Puestos dees
dc.subject.unesco3204.02 Enfermedades Profesionaleses
dc.subject.unesco3204.03 Salud Profesionales
dc.subject.unesco3210 Medicina Preventivaes

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