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dc.contributor.authorCodosero Rodas, José María
dc.contributor.authorCastanho, Rui Alexandre
dc.contributor.authorCabezas Fernández, José
dc.contributor.authorNaranjo Gómez, José Manuel
dc.identifier.citationCodosero Rodas, J. M.; Castaño, R. A.; Cabezas Fernández, J.; y Naranjo Gómez, J. M. RSustainable valuation of land for development. Adding value with urban planning progress. A Spanish case study. Land Use Policy. 2020; 92.
dc.description.abstractThis article presents a valuation model of land for development in a sustainable way, based on the design and execution of urban planning. Using this method, one can obtain, at any given point in time, the added value progress of the urbanization process. For each year during the plan's execution, the value of land has been estimated. The free cash-flow method was applied in order to estimate the land valuation of any given year. From the estimate for each of those years, and using regression analysis, the most suited value added function was obtained, for the increase of value across time up to the point of finalized, fully urbanized land. The results show that this is an exponential growth function, such that during the initial years the progress of valuation is slow, but it accentuates during final years of execution as the land becomes urbanized, at which point the land achieves maximum value. © 2019 Elsevier Ltdes
dc.publisherElsevier Ltdes
dc.titleSustainable valuation of land for development. Adding value with urban planning progress. A Spanish case studyes
dc.journal.titleLand Use Policyes
dc.subject.keywordValor de mercadoes
dc.subject.keywordSuelo urbano consolidadoes
dc.subject.keywordFlujos de cajaes
dc.subject.keywordPlanificación urbanísticaes
dc.subject.unesco3329.04 Uso del Sueloes
dc.subject.unesco6201.03 Urbanismoes
dc.subject.unesco5312.03 Construcciónes

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