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dc.contributor.authorCarpio de los Pinos, Antonio José
dc.contributor.authorGonzález García, María de las Nieves
dc.identifier.citationCarpio-de los Pinos, A.J.; González-García, M.d.l.N. Development of the Protocol of the Occupational Risk Assessment Method for Construction Works: Level of Preventive Action. Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health 2020, 17, 6369.
dc.description.abstractRisk assessment on a construction site is based on the probability and consequences of the accident. But due to the complexity of the construction processes, this new methodology for the evaluation of occupational risks, called Level of Preventive Action, develops a new parameter for evaluating preventive action based on documentary environment that reflects the complexity of the work units, location and interdependence, construction environment referred to construction and protection systems, and social environment relative to the perception of the environment and the workers’ emotional states. The evaluation criteria of the new method are established by developing the William T. Fine methodology and incorporating concepts such as risk tolerance, the importance of work and personal satisfaction, which justify the degree of correction of preventive actions. This methodology determines the amount of preventive action control that is required during the construction process. This research proposes a risk assessment protocol adapted to construction sites based on specialized technical observation with a psychosocial survey on site. Some results of the implementation of the method in real work are shown. In conclusion, the determining parameter towards optimal control of preventive action is the direct and active participation of workers in safety matters. © 2020 by the authors. Licensee MDPI, Basel,
dc.publisherMDPI AGes
dc.rightsAttribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 Internacional*
dc.titleDevelopment of the protocol of the occupational risk assessment method for construction works: Level of preventive actiones
dc.journal.titleInternational Journal of Environmental Research and Public Healthes
dc.subject.keywordIndustria de la construcciónes
dc.subject.keywordSeguridad y Saludes
dc.subject.keywordAnálisis de puesto de trabajoes
dc.subject.keywordOcupación - Trabajoes
dc.subject.keywordEvaluación de riesgos laboraleses
dc.subject.keywordAnálisis de riesgoses
dc.subject.keywordPreferencias laboraleses
dc.subject.keywordSalud laborales
dc.subject.unesco6109.01 Prevención de Accidenteses
dc.subject.unesco5312.03 Construcciónes
dc.subject.unesco5311.04 Organización de Recursos Humanoses
dc.subject.unesco5311.07 Investigación Operativaes
dc.subject.unesco6109.02 Motivación y Actitudeses
dc.subject.unesco6109.03 Planificación y Evaluación Puestos de Trabajoes

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