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dc.contributor.authorRuiz Pérez, María Rocío
dc.contributor.authorAlba Rodríguez, María Desiree
dc.contributor.authorRivero Camacho, Cristina
dc.contributor.authorSolís Guzmán, Jaime
dc.contributor.authorMarrero Meléndez, Madelyn
dc.identifier.citationRuiz-Pérez MR, Alba-Rodríguez MD, Rivero-Camacho C, Solís-Guzmán J, Marrero M. The Budget as a Basis for Ecological Management of Urbanization Projects. Case Study in Seville, Spain. Sustainability. 2021; 13(7):4078.
dc.description.abstractUrbanization projects, understood as those supplying basic services for cities, such as drinking water, sewers, communication services, power, and lighting, are normally short-term extremely scattered actions, and it can be difficult to track their environmental impact. The present article's main contribution is to employ the project budgets of public urbanization work to provide an instrument for environmental improvement, thereby helping public procurement, including sustainability criteria. Two urban projects in Seville, Spain are studied: the first substitutes existing services, and the second also includes gardens and playgrounds in the street margins. The methodology finds the construction elements that must be controlled in each project from the perspective of three indicators: carbon, water footprints, and embodied energy. The main impacts found are due to only four construction units: concrete, aggregates, asphalt, and ceramic pipes for the sewer system, that represent 70% or more of the total impact in all indicators studied. The public developer can focus procurement on those few elements in order to exert a lower impact and to significantly reduce the environmental burden of urbanization projects. © 2021 by the authors. Licensee MDPI, Basel,
dc.publisherMDPI AGes
dc.rightsAttribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 Internacional
dc.titleThe budget as a basis for ecological management of urbanization projects. Case study in Seville, Spaines
dc.journal.titleSustainability (Switzerland)es
dc.subject.keywordProyecto de urbanizaciónes
dc.subject.keywordHuella de carbonoes
dc.subject.keywordHuella hídricaes
dc.subject.keywordEnergía embebidaes
dc.subject.keywordImpacto medioambientales
dc.subject.unesco6201.03 Urbanismoes
dc.subject.unesco3305.37 Planificación Urbanaes
dc.subject.unesco3308.04 Ingeniería de la Contaminaciónes
dc.subject.unesco5307.07 Previsión Económicaes

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