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dc.contributor.authorMorón Fernández, Carlos
dc.contributor.authorFerrández Vega, Daniel
dc.contributor.authorRecalde Esnoz, Irantzu
dc.contributor.authorMorón Barrios, Alberto
dc.identifier.citationMorón Fernández, C., Ferrández Vega, D., Recalde Esnoz, I. y Morón Barrios, A. (Marzo, 2020). Individual Construction through the Environment. Importance of Space in Primary Education. 14th International Technology, Education and Development Conference (INTED). Valencia, Españ
dc.description.abstractThe playground is a social learning space in which students interact in a relaxed environment, play with classmates and participate in independent and informal activities. In this work a theoretical study is made about the importance of recreational spaces in the construction of the personality, trying to find out what is the current use of the playground in educational establishments and to determine whether there are other uses more suitable for enhancing capacities and encouraging relationships between students. For that purpose, an experimental study has been carried out that allows knowing the students opinion about the current playground spaces and how they would improve them to raising teachers awareness of whether we are really making the most of these facilities and making possible proposals for improvements to enhance the use of this space within schools. Therefore, the aim is to make the most of these places within schools in order to promote the learning and emotional development of students in their early school
dc.titleIndividual Construction through the Environment. Importance of Space in Primary Educationes
dc.identifier.conferenceObject14th International Technology, Education and Development Conference (INTED)es
dc.subject.keywordEducación primariaes
dc.subject.keywordSociología urbanaes
dc.subject.keywordMetodología didácticaes
dc.subject.keywordHerramientas educativases
dc.subject.keywordPatio de recreoes
dc.subject.keywordCentro educativoes
dc.subject.unesco5801.07 Métodos Pedagógicoses
dc.subject.unesco6306.05 Sociología de la Educaciónes
dc.subject.unesco3305.01 Diseño Arquitectónicoes

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